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— Photoshop Portable Download Tutorial [Aidaens asked]



Yeah hi everyone I know nearly everyone knows how to download PS but there is people who still don’t know and I’ll just make a quick tutorial for portable ps.
Portable means: There’s no difference between the full version of photoshop and portable…

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Please reblog and WIN A FREE SET: I have had requests for some brush stroke examples from my new Watercolor set for Photoshop. The image above should do the trick! Each of the strokes shown were painted directly on the canvas with my stylus, using various pen pressure and direction to achieve the results shown. No added textures, no filters, etc. were used. What you see here is what happens when you paint. I am confident that there are no watercolor brushes out there that perform even close to this set. Control wet edges, opacity, softness, and more with the stylus alone. Remember, you can pre-order these brushes for only $6 before Thursday of this week. A few minutes spent experimenting with these will prove that these are worth many times that price. Thanks for your support- please reblog this post if you have friends that paint digitally. Remember, you can win a FREE set if you reblog - I will be giving away three sets to random Tumblr users.
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